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Emerging benefits of renewable energy give homes an extensive increase in profit.


A consistent energy supply increases wealth and health by saving money and providing continuous shelf life on spoilable products. 


Depending on the electrical appliances being used, energy efficiency may not be taking place.  AMSTAD SOLAR can be depended on finding the best solutions for your home and community.

Connect Homes to Local Providers

 Several solar energy providers, both local and international, have emerged in Nigeria, offering a range of solar panel products, installation services, and energy solutions. These providers cater to various customer segments, including residential homes and off-grid communities. We get you connected to the providers you need.


Consult Energy Consumption / Goal

We consult your energy usage and determine how much energy your home is using.  With that information we figure in what renewable solution is best fit for your home. Whether that's different appliances, solar panel installation, power storage, or internet hookups, our solutions cater to your end goal and fit your needs.


Regulation, Permits, Licensing

Implementing regulatory frameworks and supportive policies, regulations, and standards for any renewable energy solution, including simplifying permitting processes and grid connection procedures is what we take care of so there's no hassle in reinventing your living environment


Solutions on Energy Security

The security of knowing that your home will not run out of energy to sustain a proper living situation is what we provide clients. We give cost effective alternatives that envision what it means to be powered, fully independently.  We'll give your household the tools to start achieving a clean carbon footprint.

Solar Energy

Get in Touch

Consult the best goal for your home with AMSTAD SOLAR, our solutions are catered to revitalizing your home and community.

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