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Consult with Amstad Solar

By going solar, you'll be saving time, saving money, and most importantly - saving our planet.

Why Amstad Solar?

Planning and Saving

It may seem daunting when first considering switching to an independent source of energy. 

Like any investment, home, automobile, it takes time to plan and save for such venture. 


AMSTAD SOLAR helps create a dedicated plan that works around your finances and connects you to local resources putting more savings in your pocket.

Increased Home Value

Residential homes are brought up in value with renewable energy hookups installed.

Increasing the value of any residence is on any bucket list and can easily be achieved with AMSTAD SOLAR solutions.

Not only does it increase in value, residences aren't pressured on how much energy they are using.  

Cost Cutting

We strive to give the best paths into renewable energy.

Removing the unwanted fees from companies that gouge and gaining a new sense of independence is worth the cost investment. 

AMSTAD SOLAR offers solutions catered to smaller scale, lower income families and communities that want to achieve a more sustainable energy solution. 

Better for the Environment

Solar energy is an industry that many want to access due to sustainability and comfort.


Solar power has proven to lower electrical bills and emissions by lowering production of fossil fuels. 

AMSTAD SOLAR  offers direction into how you can setup, store and give back energy that you may have extra of. 


This makes energy production low emissions for your community. 

Why does Solar work?

Nigeria lies within a high sunshine belt and, within the country; solar radiation is fairly well distributed. The annual average of solar radiation varies from about 12.6MJ/m 2 per day (3.5kWh/m 2) in the coastal latitudes to about 25.2MJ)m 2 per day in the far north. This gives an average annual solar energy intensity of 1934.5kWh/m 2 per year; thus over a whole year, an average of 6,372,613PJ/year (≈1,770,000TWh/year) of solar energy falls on the entire land area of Nigeria.

In recent years, solar power has crept into a power generation agenda in Nigeria, but mainly in the form of a small mini grid solar power plant for residential electrical applications. Although central power plants are still in the scene, a fast revolution is possible through power generation on site, in a distributed fashion, locally nowhere farther then our residential buildings. Solar power is becoming increasingly important in Nigeria, as the energy consumption is getting higher due to the population growth, urbanization and today's energy dependent society and industry.

Paperwork & Agreement

We understand that paperwork and agreements can be confusing and time-consuming, so we take care of all the work for you. AMSTAD SOLAR makes sure all the paperwork is properly filled out. Once the paperwork is complete, we provide you with a detailed agreement outlining the scope of services, the payment schedule, and any other relevant information.

Site Eligibility

Proper licensing are crucial when making the change to an independent source of energy.  Accessing renewable sources should not be hard, nor should eligibility be a hassle of a task.  AMSTAD SOLAR innovates an easy way to open doors into the energy saving race by providing you any information you need to acquire.

Installation & Permissions

Every layer of work is done by our local and state partners.  AMSTAD SOLAR connects the right people at cost efficient strategies to ensure legality, permissions, regulations are taken care of. If installation covers an area greater than 12 square meters (about 6 solar panels) then planning permission may be required, which we take care of.

Utility Connection

Keeping connections local and in state make it reliable and cost efficient when installation is needed.  Being connected in the same vicinity also means less wait time for any maintenance you may require.

Yes Solar!

Say yes to AMSTAD SOLAR and become a leader in fighting carbon emission with the help of leading consultants in the industry of renewable energy.  Fight the fight and become the change. 

Solar Panels on Trees
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